Crystal therapy is a wonderful, fun and non-invasive therapy which can help to improve overall wellbeing and health.


Crystals have been utilised for their healing properties since the times of Ancient Civilisations, including the Ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Greeks. These Ancient ones knew that they could harness the power of crystals and colour to influence their mood, emotions and their wellbeing.


Crystals are gifts from the Earth, formed over thousands of years in the ground. Each is thought to carry their own unique, vibrational frequency, which can be utilised to balance our energy vibrations. There are crystals which are used to help relaxation and sleep, crystals to energise and crystals which are good for general overall health. Everything in this world has it's own vibration, including people! We often use the phrase "he/she has a great vibe," it is this energy vibration that we can sense. Crystals may help us to balance and raise our vibration, which can result in us feeling more positive and generally better.


What happens during a treatment?


Firstly, a thorough consultation is completed to ensure that

Crystal Therapy is suitable for you, although there are no

contra-indications and this is a treatment than anyone can

enjoy. Crystal therapy is not intended to diagnose or replace

medical care, but can safely be enjoyed alongside any current

medication. Crystal therapy is a wonderful treatment to help

you to make positive changes to your wellbeing.  During the consultation we will decide what you would like to focus on during the session. This could be energy levels, mental or physical health or to improve sleep or relaxation. We will then choose suitable crystals which correspond to your needs. Once the crystals are selected, you lie or sit, fully clothed on a couch or chair and crystals are placed on your energy centres or "chakras," as shown in the image below.


How will I feel during the treatment?


Everyone experiences crystal healing differently, some people are not aware of anything

specific during the treatment, but may enjoy a sense of peace and calm. Other people

may notice warmth, cool, tingling or they may notice colours behind their eyes as

they relax. There is no right way to experience crystal therapy, but most of my

clients fall asleep and feel relaxed and calm throughout their session. Children and

animals are often drawn to crystals, they can sense their high vibration and will want

to have the crystal close to them!


Can I combine treatments?


Absolutely! These are the best types of treatment in my opinion. Crystal therapy works wonderfully with colour therapy, Reiki, and Bach Flower Remedies. It can also be enjoyed as part of a reflexology treatment.


Any questions? Please get in touch, I am happy to chat :-)


Approx 1 hour £40 (can be combined with Reiki at no extra charge)


















"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation,

and that is an act of political warfare"

~ Audre Lorde ~ A burst of Light ~

Crystal Therapy

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