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By Hayley Luna Rose, Jan 18 2019 01:50PM

I talk a lot about cycle awareness and re-connecting to your cycle with my clients. This was something I hadn't even heard of until 2017 when my cycle went AWOL due to stress and a diagnosis of polycystic ovaries.

Not a nice time, I felt lost, worried and unfeminine, I also cut my hair really short which didn't help matters. Turns out it was a time of spiritual and personal growth and set me on an amazing journey for which I'm now forever grateful!

I had no cycle for around 5 months, I had seen the GP and realised there was nothing medically to do, it was a matter of looking at life style, reducing the impact of my stressful job (which I've now happily left!) and improving my nutrition. All of which can impact hormones.

At the same time, I began to really connect with the luna phases, knowing that the luna energies ebb and flow correspond to our menstrual cycle. I believe it was taking note of the monthly luna phases that helped me to actually rather quickly get back on track, within a couple of months of checking in with the luna phases my cycle had returned.

So how did I do this? Well, for me it was natural to use crystals and aromatherapy, which were already a part of my daily life. I started to tune in and check which crystals and essential oils I was drawn too.

What I quickly found was that during my period, I wanted Earthy, grounding crystals and essential oils which encouraged introspection and meditation, such as carnelian, moss agate as well as pink quartz for self care and love. I wanted rose, cedarwood and frankincense essential oils. During the first week after my period, I was drawn to green, blues crystals and balancing and fresh essential oils, such as geranium and cypress. The third week around ovulation, I wanted fiery crystals oranges and yellows. I was also drawn to energising and sensual essential oils, such as sweet orange, ylang ylang and neroli. The week before my period, not surprisingly, I was drawn towards calming crystals, amethyst, rose quartz again, tigers eye and lots of lavender and cedar wood essential oil to calm and ground me!

It was through this experimenting and (lots!) of subsequent research into the properties of essential oils that led me to create Luna Rose Botanicals cyclic skin & bath rituals, which are due to launch soon!

You can favourite my Easy hop now here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LunaRoseBotanicals

I also noticed corresponding changes to my energy, during my period, I wanted rest, retreat, to focus on me for a couple of days, cosy up and do nothing (which is now what I do with amazing effect, even an hour of relaxation would help!) The week following, my energy gradually increases, I found I was interested in planning, creating, learning. This would then reach a crescendo around ovulation where I'd feel energised, most sociable and loving. Finally this energy would begin to wane and I'd start to feel critical of myself and others. This was my biggest break through as it had previously been a time where I'd be unkind in my self talk and frustrated with myself. I realised that this just highlighted what I needed to work on. Whatever was thrown up during this time was indicating (not so subtly as I hadn't been listening!) what I need to change in my life. It was often things such as self critics for my weight or nutritional choices, I felt I could and should have been better and I'd begin feeling paranoid about it.

To chart my cycle, I brought an Astro Moon Diary (https://amzn.to/2QYxVYe) and each day jotted down a couple of words which resonated with how I was feeling, physically and emotionally. This diary is amazing as it shows the daily moon phase and makes it so easy to see the correlation between your own cycle and the moon. I've had the same for 2019 and its awesome!

I also looked into flower remedies and used Australian Bush Essences which you can find here: https://amzn.to/2AUHNgu

Now cycle awareness is an ingrained part of my life and one that I want to share to help others who may have difficulties with their cycle, or just as a tool for encouraging self care, personal growth and body awareness. I can now plan my life around me and my cycle. Why would I plan something difficult for during my period, when I can book it for ovulation when I'm feeling my most energised!?

I cannot prove to you that these methods work, they haven't been validated, but there is a growing momentum of women around the globe discovering these tools and techniques and reporting the benefits.

For me, I have found that my period is now a pleasure, yes, REALLY! :-) I love that its a time to rest, sleep more, dream, journal and meditate. I find that I get much reduced cramping compared with previously Some of my best ideas come to me at this time, which I can jot down and then begin to plan and implement the following week. I love my ovulation time, I'm my most creative, loving, sociable and energised. My previous PMT has resolved, I now feel calm and actually quite relieved the week period my period as I know I'm approaching my time of ultimate self care and release where I can let go anything that no longer serves me.

When you start to notice these changes, you can stop criticising yourself, stop calling yourself lazy if you don't gym on your period and begin to notice and utilise the amazing ebbs and flows of creative, spiritual and energetic energies.

I hope you've enjoyed reading a bit more about this. if anything doesn't make sense, or you'd like to know more, you could book a 3 hour mini retreat called "Moon Balance with me where we will take into account your current cycle and the luna energies to create your ultimate treatment package.

* This post contains affiliate links which I think you'll love and which I genuinely feel have helped me on my journey of cycle awareness. I get a small credit if you buy through my links *

By Hayley Luna Rose, Dec 16 2018 07:19PM

Moon Time <3

Menstrual Cycle Awareness <3 An amazing tool for life <3

Have you ever noticed that your energy and emotions fluctuate throughout your monthly cycle? You probably have, but have you ever considered just how these fluctuations may benefit you, rather than only focusing on some of the inconveniences? (such as flying off the handle during a meeting or bursting into tears at the most embarrassing moment!?)

How can these fluctuations be of any benefit I hear you cry!! Well, I'll tell you...

Our cycle is an amazing tool, a guide map for life some might even say!!

Each week of our cycle brings different levels of creativity, different emotions, energies and focus. The most amazing thing is that each of these 4 phases are also intrinsically linked to the Luna Phases (our cycle is around 30 days in length, as is the luna cycle!)

In fact, we as women are deeply connected to the Luna energy ebbs and flows (and you thought you just love looking at the moon for no apparent reason!)

Starting with day one of our cycle, our first day of bleeding (or if you don't have a cycle this relates to the dark/new moon) Our period is the ultimate guide to "letting it all go" this is a time to abandon anything in your calendar that isn't a necessity. If you need to work, reduce your to do list, try to book a day off or even half a day. At the very least, schedule an hour of self care in the evening. Just like your body is letting go of what no longer serves you, this is an amazing time to let go of anything that's been worrying you, as well as the perfect time to take some time out, retreat, meditate and "just be."

If you bleed right (aka rested!) you can pretty much guarantee that you'll notice improvements to your energy and emotions throughout the rest of the month. By honouring your bleed and yourself with self care at this time and not powering through with pain killers and caffeine, it can help to prevent you feeling resentful, snappy and tired later in the month (i.e. pre-menstrually!)

This time in your cycle is the perfect time to drift, create art if that's your thing and listen to your Soul, that inner voice within that's so easy to ignore when we're busy..

It's surprising what amazing flashes of intuition, ideas and creativity can come your way during this time. Just remember to jot them down, rather than acting on them all. It's time to rest and journal, not rush around creating and planning your future... that comes soon...

About day 5/6 of your cycle, depending how long your period is, you may notice that your energy rises a little, you feel creative, optimistic and full of ideas. You feel like planning your future, you feel able to take on anything and could become burnt out. If you aren't aware of these feelings, you can very easily over book yourself for the next month and end up begrudging your earlier eagerness! This pre-ovulation is the time where you might want to sign up for classes, courses and feel more like going out again after the retreat and introspection of menstruation.

Go steady... think of yourself as an emerging bud in spring, gently unfurling, gradually taking on more after the retreat of menstruation. It still isn't the time to "bloom" that comes soon... This is the time to plan, notice ideas that you may be interested in, but leave for a week or so to be sure before committing. Your energy at this time is optimistic, perhaps even a little naive as you enjoy the increase in energy!

Be very careful to ensure rest, whilst this renewed energy is exciting, it comes in short bursts and without regular rest and restraint, you can burn out for the rest of your cycle. This is an amazing time for a relaxing treatment, some nurturing reiki or reflexology perhaps. This is the waxing crescent moon phase, the energy s building towards the full moon of ovulation.

Day 14-18 (ish! The more you notice and chart your cycle and associated physical signs, you may begin to "feel" when you ovulate) Ovulation is time to "bloom" shine bright like the full moon, be social, active, enjoy socialising and interacting with friends and loved ones. Your energy is soaring!! You feel amazing, powerful and in your flow. At this time we are naturally more receptive to sex and if trying for a baby, this is around the time you are most likely to conceive. Your body responds, you may feel flirty, sexy and alive!

If you have pushed and forced through pre-ovulation, you may feel frazzled, burnt out, starting to notice signs of being a little irritable and begrudging of social or work commitments. If that's the case, don't worry!! Heed the lesson and make time for self care, Make yourself a priority and learn the lesson ready for next month. That's the beauty of being cyclic! We have another chance next month and the month after that...

Moving on now, the energy is beginning to decrease, the moon waning to a crescent, time to begin to gradually slow down again, ready for menstruation. This occurs around week 3 of your cycle or pre-menstruation.

This is the time where it will really begin to show if you haven't nurtured and listened to your needs during the month and particular your previous bleed.

By day 29 (or so, the day or 2 just before your period) You may "feel the roar!!" This isn't necessarily a bad thing. This time of the month, just before your bleed can really throw a spotlight on anything that isn't a good fit for you any more, or what's irritating you! Does something need to change in your life? If it's your partner, perhaps you don't need a new partner!! But perhaps you DO need to look at ensuring you have enough time for your hobbies and self care. Are you being careful with your boundaries or allowing people to over-step or take too much? If you're being self-critical, perhaps use what comes up to focus on your personal development.

Then it's time again to release, to throw yourself into the Divine abandonment of your period! Time to dream, float and go inward.

I promise you that by being aware of these stages, you are much more likely to enjoy your cyclic nature. Yes, even your period!! You may find that by nourishing yourself better physically, emotionally and energetically, that difficulties around your period do begin to ease. The more I read, the more I believe that as woman we store emotions, unconscious attachments to previous sexual partners (particularly if this was a negative relationship) and energy blockages in our womb. If you feel that you might like to start releasing these energetic blocks, do get in touch. I have some beautiful therapies including Bach Flower Remedies and Womb healing that may support you through the process.

Finally, here's my thoughts around how to plan your month for joy and harmony.

Menstruation - Release, feel, dream, meditate, have as much self care and time to yourself as you can possibly manage. If the only way to do this is to get out of the house, book a relaxing treatment at Luna Rose Therapies, get a baby sitter, whatever you need and can do to support yourself. DO IT. Please don't feel guilty, you deserve this and more.

Do not: Book anything with people that you find draining, arrange an important meeting, try to be your most supportive to others, this is YOUR time (even if only for an hour!)

Pre-ovulation - make notes, make plans but be mindful not to take on to much or use up too much energy just yet. Pace yourself! This time may be ok for less enjoyable meetings or difficult situations but if you can, save them until ovulation when you'll feel your best!

Ovulation, enjoy feeling energetic, sexy, chatty, supportive, confident, friendly, book difficult meetings at this time when you feel your best, arrange to complete projects at this time. Be "out there" shine bright, a great time for publicity if you own a business.

Pre-menstruation, begin to slow down again, pay attention to any critical thoughts, notice what may need to change in your life. Release the roar, have a bit of a strop or go for a run in the rain, let it all out. Feel and release any emotions that come up. You will be at your most honest at this time, this can be good or not so good, depending who you are with!! You may struggle to hold your tongue! Difficult meetings are probably best postponed.

Lastly, do not apologise for what you feel throughout the month or for your emotions. It can be helpful to explain to your friends and loved ones your new understanding of your cycle and set out what your needs are. This can just make things easier for everyone and prevent you from begrudging people or feeling guilty.

This knowledge has changed my life, I can plan my life based on my emotional and energetic needs each week of my cycle, which has been a revelation! When you realise that your cycle is an empowering force that connects you to nature and the lunar phases, you cannot help but feel more grounded, in control and able to stand in your unique power!

My Luna Rose Botanicals Skin, Body & Bath Rituals range has been inspired by these amazing energetic ebbs and flows and they are beautiful rituals to help you to connect to your cycle. If you don't have a cycle, the luna phases help you to live cynically and experience the benefits of these fluctuating energies.

If you'd like to know more, please message me to arrange an appointment. I can tailor your appointment to your cycle or take a look at my Moon Balance mini retreat.


By Hayley Luna Rose, Oct 1 2018 11:50AM

Stress is a part of life, it’s inevitable that in the course of our day to day lives, we will encounter stress. Some stress is good, life would be pretty boring if there was no stress at all and we all just sailed along with nothing to drive us! Stress, or pressure, can help to motivate us, such as having a deadline to complete an assignment. Without the deadline, the assignment might never get finished!

Some stress is not so good, such as illness in the family or legal disputes. However, as long as the issue gets resolved in a reasonable time frame, these short-term stressor’s can be manageable, and we can navigate them without the stress leading to illness.

The difficulty arises when stress piles on top of stress, on top of stress, for example, stressful situations at home as well as issues with your boss at work. Or if there are ongoing, low-medium levels of stress over a long period, such as work-related stress or neighbour disputes, on top of all the usual day to day stuff, finances, kids, managing the house and working full time!

There is also no denying that the world is getting busier and time is flying faster and faster. How any times have you heard someone say this year “this year is flying!” we are all feeling it and our fast-paced lives can contribute to stress over time.

The woman that I meet as clients often come to me talking about feeling that they are lagging behind, that they haven’t accomplished what they expected by their 30’s or 40’s, buying the house, getting married, starting a family. These self and society inflicted “life rules” can also add to the never-ending burden of stress.

The other woman I meet are so busy taking care of the kids, the house, their partner or husband, other relatives and in many cases also working full time. They have literally no time to themselves, or if they do, they spend the whole time feeling guilty! Another way to fire up the stress hormones.

So, what happens when we are under all this stress? If we can’t cope with it, or become unwell, does that mean we are weak or not good enough? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! As I’ve pointed out above, our lives are busier, fuller and faster paced than at any other time in history. We have so many options, we put so many expectations on ourselves that it’s no wonder so many of us are literally buckling under the pressure.

This constant stress causes our body to be in constant “attack” mode. You may have heard of the “fight or flight” response. This is our bodies intricate system for helping us to deal with short bursts of stress or danger. Think hunter coming across a sabre tooth tiger and needing to get away fast! Cue sympathetic nervous system, driven by the hormones cortisol and adrenaline. This response speeds up the body system, your breathing rate increases to get enough oxygen on board and your heart rate increases to ensure enough nutrients are circulating to the organs. Blood is pumped to the organs of survival, the heart, the lungs and the brain, the digestive system slows down or stops working. This can cause symptoms of panic attack, we feel shaky, our legs go weak and we feel sick or vomit due to this digestive upset.

Unfortunately, while this system is awesome in an emergency, the body isn’t able to determine actual life-threatening emergency and the build-up of unpleasant but not immediately threatening stress. Meaning that over time, if we remain under stress this system can go into overdrive. This causes immense pressure on our heart and other organs, we can begin to struggle to think clearly and feel drained because our body is in constant attack mode. Our sleep may also be disturbed due to anxiety and worries during the night, or from being wired on caffeine in an attempt to keep going. We will often crave sugar during times of stress, over load of sugar causes spikes of insulin which also causes havoc to our hormones. We can increase in weight and feel irritable, a never-ending cycle!

We begin to look tired, our skin isn’t as radiant due to lack of blood circulation and disrupted sleep, our shoulders tense, we get headaches, it just isn’t fun.

I feel tired just typing about it all! Chronic, long term stress, really is debilitating and it’s no wonder that stress is a silent killer, over time it can contribute to cardiac problems and chronic illness, as well as having an effect on our overall health, mental health and wellbeing.

There is however no need to panic! There’s lots that can be done to counteract the effects of stress and it starts with having a regular (daily) practice of relaxation. This isn’t as time consuming as it sounds, even between 5-10 minutes of deep breathing or listening to soothing music will help to lower your heart rate, improve your sleep and support you in managing stress.

Over time, regular relaxation can help to improve our sleep, reduce blood pressure and heart rate, support us in eating a healthier diet and exercising (let’s face it when we are stressed these are often the first things to slip!) Relaxation can also help to lower levels of alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking which often increase during times of stress in an attempt to relax.

So, if we can receive such health benefits from just 5-10 minutes per day, imagine the benefits from taking time to relax for an hour on a regular basis, say once per month.

My Reflexology and Reiki clients tell me that during their treatments they completely relax, often their treatment is the only time they get to fully switch off and just “be.” Reflexology and Reiki can help to dramatically improve sleep, they can help the body to go into repair mode, rather than fight or flight and they can help to improve our overall resilience, as well as our infection resistance.

Treatments such as reflexology and reiki offer deep relaxation. It allows the body and mind time to reset. When clients have treatments, often their tummy rumbles. Clients tell me that this is highly embarrassing, and they will apologise! I disagree, no need to apologise!

What this shows is your parasympathetic system kicking back in, the body is slowing down, heart and breathing rates reduce and the digestive system can work more effectively. I love to hear this rumbling (as well as any snoring!) because it means my client has gone into full relaxation mode. The sweet relief of such relaxation is quite incredible! I myself would have a treatment everyday if I could, but I have at least monthly, if not fortnightly. It really does help to improve my general health, happiness and wellbeing.

If you’re experiencing stress, please get in touch for a chat about how the relaxing therapies at Luna Rose Therapies may help you. I’ve been through work related stress myself and reiki and relaxation were the main things that got me through it. It isn’t all bad, if I hadn’t have gone through the stressful periods I wouldn’t be able to empathise so well with my clients who are experiencing stress. I probably would have never began to learn holistic therapies, so I’m now eternally grateful for that stressful period. The stressful times are often blessings in disguise in hindsight, as its during difficult times that we evolve, learn about ourselves and find ways out of difficult situations such as stressful jobs.

My advice, life is busy, fast paced and stressful, by taking regular time out to relax, it can make such a difference to our health, happiness and wellbeing. You DESERVE it, you are AMAZING and are totally WORTH taking care of. Fill yourself up first and you will find it so much easier to care for others, after all, you cannot keep pouring from an empty cup, even though so many women, including myself in the past try.

By Hayley Luna Rose, Sep 30 2018 12:59PM

What matters most is not the teeny, tiny piece of "reality" that we create.

What matters most is that our heart and our soul beat in tune with the pattern of the stars, the planets and the cosmos.

What matters most is that we are all just tiny parts of a wondrous, connected whole.

We are not here to strive, but to thrive and live in joy.

Only now do I see that reality is what we choose it to be.

This came to me whilst star gazing, one of my favourite pastimes xxx

© Hayley Merrick 2018