Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing method which involves the placement of hands on, or over your body in specific areas.


There is no need to undress and treatments can be performed either lying or sitting down, depending upon your preference.


My clients report a deep sense of calm following a reiki

treatment. Some report that it helps them through

emotional or difficult times. As Reiki deals with energy,

it is not bound by time or space, therefore distance

treatments can be provided if needed.


Reiki is not associated with a particular religion,

anyone can receive a treatment, including the very

young, people who are frail or unwell and animals.


Reiki helps the body and mind to relax, it does not diagnose or treat particular

issues. Instead, the aim is to improve overall general wellbeing and instil a sense

of peace and calm.


I have completed Reiki Level 3 training, which is Master Practitioner Level. I

have also undertaken further training in providing Reiki for Animals.


I frequently have Reiki treatments myself and it has helped me through some

difficult times in my life.


Reiki was the first holistic therapy I learnt professionally and it combines

beautifully with all my other therapies. I can add a Reiki treatment to a facial, meditiation, flower remedy or reflexology appointment, it can also be combined with crystal and colours, depending upon your requirements. We can discuss this in depth during your consultation.


£40 Approx.  - 1 hour



"To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul"

~Deepak Chopra


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